Do you believe that health is your most treasured wealth?

Have you started looking for sustainable, organic or vegan labels in your food?

Then you MUST read our story!

We all deserve to live life than to simply exist in this world. The disturbing question of artificial foods and flavours that are flooding the supermarkets, kitchens and dining tables is looming over the human race. The healthiest persons in our families are our grandparents or someone of their age. Their secret is natural and organic food choices and lifestyle.
"Let's trace back to nature." A casual thought evolved in our discussion was the epiphanic moment which sowed the seed of TAG food solutions. Eventually, it took shape as a unique concept to source and distribute organic, sustainable and quality food solutions to global food brands, and help you to trace back to nature, retrieve the long-lost harmony and your happiness.

Today, TAG food solutions is a one-stop solution for sustainable and quality food products, all of which can be traced back to their origin, nature.

We prioritize sustainability over convenience, taste and price when handpicking food products for our clientele. The dragonfly and the barcode encapsulate our vision and mission and ensure the traceability, naturality and sustainability of our products from farm to fork.

As they said it in ancient times, everything goes back to where it came from. Or, in other words, let's trace back to nature and eat our food like dragonflies, from the wind itself, the purest form. We congratulate you for taking an interest in the TAG story.