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history of tucson

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November 26, 2018

The City, with voter approval, bulldozes 29 city blocks, home to some 1,100 poor and working-class residents, to make room for the new Tucson Convention Center, Music Hall, Leo Rich Theater and a lot of parking space. Mr. Wasson opines, "... the slaying of every Apache man, woman, and child.". Its two towers will be added in 1881 and the ornate facade in 1883. The arena at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds now seats 11,000 spectators. Mexico wins a decade-long fight for independence from Spain, and Tucson becomes a remote Mexican village in the state of Sonora. The City destroys “The Wedge” and with it, Maiden Lane, in order to make Congress Street a wide thoroughfare rather than a narrow dirt road on which two large wagons could barely pass. Court Avenue used to continue through to Congress Street in front of the Pima County Courthouse. U.S. Army stationed at Camp Lowell where Armory Park is today is moved 7 miles NE where the soldiers will have fewer temptations, such as the many saloons and ladies of Maiden Lane. Woman's Suffrage. One branch ends up in present-day Kansas. Tucson’s most popular attraction, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, opens. Arroyo means "Ditch" in Spanish. Archeological sites prove American Indians lived in the Santa Cruz River Valley near Tucson for at least 12,000 years. His wife, Petra, survives. The Convento will be abandoned by 1828 because of repeated Apache attacks. 10,000 B.C. In the passing years, through good times and bad, TMC has never stopped delivering on its mission to provide exceptional health care with compassion. West of town, Columbia Pictures builds Old Tucson Studios to replicate 1860’s Tucson in the western Arizona, starring William Holden and Jean Arthur. For most Tucsonans, this is a life-changing event. Shown here is the location of the present-day reconstructed Spanish Presidio and the former location of Camp Lowell on the outskirts of Downtown. Whether or not there was continuous habitation is unclear, though evidence of agricultural settlements along the Santa Cruz River have been found dating from ca. In the fall of 1910, the Louisa Wetherill and her husband opened the Kayenta Trading Post and lodge in the heart of Monument Valley in Norther… A … When that happens, and it is already happening, Tucson will not have enough water to support a population of more than a few hundred souls. Tucson formally secedes from the Union and is soon admitted to the Confederate States of America. The first ice plant is completed. Metro Tucson’s population is about 1 million and still growing. Butterfield Overland Mail ceases operation due to the Civil War. This is a "visita" or sister mission to San Xavier, 9 miles upriver. Our History. The first golf course opens. The hogs wallow in the creek, the Mexicans water their asses and cattle and wash themselves and their clothes and drink water out of the same creek. A substantial Hohokam community with extensive irrigated fields is located on land that will become the area between modern Downtown Tucson and "A" Mountain. Coronado Expedition by Frederic Remington. Always has been. He then turns the gun on himself and commits suicide. Today, the re-constructed Mission Garden occupies the same site and grows heritage fruits, vegetables, and grains from the Fr. No one has indoor plumbing. Making Lemonade | The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Art in the Park – Exuberance: An Artistic Botanical Experience, SculptureTucson & TBG to Unveil New Exhibit, First Sunday of the month Antique Vintage Fair, Mexican Mondays at Catalina Brewing Company. Tucson’s 1870 census records 3,224 residents. The statue is located in Veinte de Agosto Park, between West Broadway and West Congress Street Downtown where they cross Church Street. Amid considerable controversy, Mexico gives Tucson a 7-ton bronze statue of Poncho Villa. Following the death of Cochise, probably of abdominal cancer, the U.S. government reneges on the Howard-Cochise peace accord. Tucson History: The Death Of Dr. John Handy. Arizona women can now vote. 1902 The Downtown business district had been slowly dying as people moved in mass to the suburbs. General Howard and Cochise negotiate a peace accord. Unlike most cities in California and Texas, Tucson was not initially overwhelmed by Anglo immigrants, so that even until the early 1900s Mexicans made up a majority of the town's population. The Royal Presidio de San Augustin del Tucson was completed by 1781, and it remained under Spanish rule as part of the region known as Pimer�a Alta until 1821, when Mexico became independent. On the night of August 3rd, thieves enter their shop and brutally murder the couple. 1000 B.C. Cochise dies. In the distance, across Rio Santa Cruz, is El Presidio San Agustin del Tucson, the 11-acre walled fort. These 100 defendants had just been tried for their role in the Camp Grant Massacre and found "not guilty". The incident that follows is known as the “Bascom Affair”. Spanish soldiers at El Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. No one knows. Wells, some powered by windmills, could reach groundwater at about 30 feet. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. The Inn is immediately popular with the rich and famous. With a cost of $168 million, Tucson gets a Modern Streetcar, the first since December 31, 1930. For more about the Apache Wars, Click HERE. Statewide prohibition becomes law. In fact, they ended the trek with 2 more than they started with when two women gave birth and survived. Docents conduct tours on Saturday mornings. Two years earlier, Tucson was briefly the western capital of the Confederate States of America. The town’s shock turns to anger. © 2021 Reliance Network and Long Realty. Initially, the school is located in an adobe building on the outskirts of Downtown at Sixth & Congress Streets. Decades later he would die nearly penniless. It is also bad news for the Anglo, Mexican, and Papago citizens of Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona. The first guest ranches open on the outskirts of Tucson. The mission gardens are surrounded by high walls to keep animals out. So far, few believe that our fate will be similar to that of the Hohokam 600 years ago. San Cosme will eventually become Mission San Agustin. In the 1870s, Broadway was "Camp Street", a narrow path that led to Camp Lowell. Many lots are distributed by lottery. Mexico gives up all or most of present-day California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and the northern portions of Arizona and New Mexico ... 525,000 square miles in all. Orientation: Tucson is the second-largest Arizona city and is located in the southeastern part of the state. He notes that the population is about 200, perhaps a dozen are Americans. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Tucsonans had their priorities. It is the first commercial building in Tucson to have modern air conditioning. In the 1880’s many sanitariums will be established in or near Tucson. "After years of drought Lake Mead’s level is dropping toward the point that the U.S. Department of Interior would declare a shortage triggering a first phase of cuts to deliveries in Arizona. The history of our Faith in Arizona is an important element in our Diocesan identity. The History of Tucson School District 1, 1867 - 1967 By James F. Cooper, Edited by John H. Fahr I'm happy to share this History of Tucson Timeline with you. The Fox Theater (our favorite) opens with a huge party along Congress Street. The first gaslights replace kerosene lamps. Twenty-eight people die, including Albert Seinfeld’s son and daughter-in-law, who were residing in the penthouse. Water is our Achilles heel. Due to severe economic depression, Tucson’s population is only about 5,000 … 2,000 less than 10 years earlier. But what of Tucson’s future? The park has a dance floor, bandstand, shooting gallery, and bowling alley. General Howard and Cochise negotiate a peace accord. Water feuds erupted over the use of limited water by the Chinese truck farmers and their landlords. For more about how Tucson became the capitol of Confederate Arizona Territory, CLICK HERE. The Grand Opening includes a “grand supper”, music and dancing. San Agustin Cathedral and Church Plaza (Plaza de la Mesilla) is open for services. American Treachery. The first bathtub connected to City water pipes is installed in the mansion of Albert Steinfeld. A year or so later, Father Kino establishes Mission San Cosme at the base of Sentinel Peak (aka "A" Mountain). Please try again. The Citizen notes that the event is on the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s admission to the Confederate States of America. Throughout the recorded history of Tucson, people who lived here, and others who were just traveling through, occasionally recorded their impressions. In November, the Pima County Board of Supervisors established District No. This event scares the bejeebers out of locals who fear it could happen to Tucson. Pennington Street was "Arroyo Street". Two of Tucson's most prominent professional men, lawyer Francis Heney and Dr. John Handy, meet on Church Street in the shadow of the Pima County Courthouse. It intersected with Main Avenue about where City Hall is today.). Predictably, the Apache Wars resume. "It is a nice combination of history, landscape beauty and includes a nice hike up to a higher viewpoint if you have the energy and mobility." The History of Tucson, AZ The Tucson of today is a thriving and bustling area with plenty to see and do no matter where you live around the city. You’ve been successfully subscribed to our newsletter! German-born Alex Levin starts producing beer at his Pioneer Brewery. The Central Arizona Project canal brings Colorado River water to Tucson. First electric lights replace gaslights. U of A adopts the nickname: Wildcats. The mob takes some 25 young children captive and sells them into slavery. Mission San Xavier del Bac undergoes extensive cleaning and restoration by local artisans and European experts who also worked on the Sistine Chapel. Congress Street was Calle de la Alegria or Happiness Street. The “Old Pueblo” has lived under four flags (Spanish, Mexican, Confederate, and U.S.). Tucson has many historic districts and individual properties that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. "How Pennington Street Got Its Name", CLICK HERE. Hotel Congress opens across the street from the Southern Pacific train depot. It is much easier to get my mind around all that has happened here over the past many centuries when I can put it all into context. Tucson is still a Mexican village. In 1877, the city was incorporated, making Tucson the oldest incorporated city in Arizona. Six years later, for $10 million, the United States will purchase what is today the portions of Arizona and New Mexico south of the Gila River from the Rio Grande to Rio Colorado and thereby add another 30,000 square miles. The original site was over-run by Apaches. The program uses symposia, storytelling, rolling history tours, festivals, and other events to remind our members and the public about the contributions of this important community. The first teacher leaves after four months because the district can not afford to pay him. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. (Ott Street no longer exists. O’Conner is an Irishman working for the Spanish crown. First speeding ticket issued to Albert Steinfeld’s chauffeur. One of the 2 museum buildings at Fort Lowell in Tucson. Hiram Stevens builds the one-story Cosmopolitan Hotel at Pennington & Main Streets. The water is alkaline and warm. The Tucson Butterfield Stage station was about where Granada and Alameda intersect today. City pipes deliver a new municipal water system piping clean drinking water to 625 residential and commercial customers. Mr. Brown is chosen as one of the first councilmen. (You can read about this incident in our Local History section. The entertainment is much welcomed by Tucsonans who seem to live life somewhere between hard, hot & dirty work, utter boredom, and stark terror. Garces. This event is re-enacted every January at the Hotel Congress. After 1210 miles, they establish a presidio and a village overlooking a beautiful bay. Being the capital was very good for many Tucson businesses. Many Chinese railroad workers settled in Tucson and joined others who had been here since the 1860s. New Southern Pacific Depot completed. Tucson was the territory’s largest community with 7,000 residents when the Southern Pacific brought new goods and people, including U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. Disappointed, he divides his expedition. Kino era. The park owes its name to Tucson's official birthday, Aug. 20, 1775. On one hand, they want the Army to exterminate these raiders. The bullring is adjacent. Geronimo (rt) and 3 of his Chiricahua warriors; 1886. The Territorial legislature decides that The University of Arizona will be built at Tucson. History of Tucson High. However, there is no documented evidence that suggest whether or not this area was a permanent habitation for these ancient communities or not, though there is little evidence that points of a … Later this year he buys Wheat’s Saloon, redecorates the interior, and offers music and dancing. Previously, all homes and businesses had outhouses (privies), many of which contaminated the groundwater. Mr. Steinfeld owns the hugely successful Steinfeld Department Store at Stone & Pennington. Population: about 7,000. Fifteen years later, grass will be added. The 4-mile route connects University Medical Center in the east to the Mercado in the west with many stops along the newly revitalized Downtown, including Main Gate Square, 4th Avenue, and Congress Street. Nevertheless, Tucson now has two hotels, a county courthouse; a bank; two breweries; two flour mills; four feed and livery stables; and ten saloons. Central Arizona Project water arrives in Southern Arizona from the Colorado River. The population at the Presidio was 395, including soldiers, their wives and children. Mayor Lew Murphy refuses to attend the dedication, but 1,000 Tucsonans not only attend but applaud. For all Tucsonans and people of Southern Arizona, this is a life-changing event. This website was first created and published on 11.24.07; Last update was 11.24.07 "There is a small creek running through the town. John Wasson, editor of the Weekly Arizonan, and surveyor-general of Arizona Territory formalizes the town’s property lines. Hotel Congress fire. All three, plus a murderer in the jail awaiting execution, are hung in the Courthouse Plaza (near the present-day Mormon Battalion monument). Tucson is a city in Pima County, Arizona.As of 2013, its population was 526,116. Bathing and clothes washing was mostly done in an irrigation ditch down by the river. Tucson businessmen are seriously unhappy campers. In 1692, he arrived in the Santa Cruz River valley and established the neighboring San Xavier del Bac mission at the very beginning of the 18th century. He is also president of the Consolidated Bank (later Valley National Bank). For the first time, Tucsonans can enjoy a cold beer in summer. Fire destroyed the old one. Tucson’s population is about 7,500. Sorry, we were unable to send your message at this time. First fire hydrants installed on primary streets; Congress, Main, and Meyer. Directly below them is the walled Mission Garden. Handy is enraged and attacks the smaller man. Three men, in particular, were responsible: General George Crook; Captain Henry Lawton, and Lt. Charles Gatewood. Many of these large homes, including Albert Steinfeld's, are still in use today as offices. north from Tumacacori, through Tubac and Tucson to the Gila River, then west to the Colorado River and onto California. Making, serving, and consuming alcoholic beverages is now illegal. Tucsonans didn't care. The third (top) floor where some of the Dillinger Gang are staying incognito is destroyed. For passengers, however, the ride is utterly miserable. The Tucson Presidio Trust acted as a friends organization, bringing life into the adobe walls with its volunteer-run living history programs. In order to protect Tucson citizens from Apaches, a military post, Camp Lowell, is established at present-day Armory Park area (including the present-day location of Tucson Electric Power) of Downtown. A complex agricultural society known as the Hohokam inhabits the area ranging from present-day Northern Mexico to Central Arizona. The other goes west and “discovers” the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. For the first time, Tucsonans have almost instantaneous communications with the outside world. Tucson remained the northern-most outpost of Mexico until the arrival of American soldiers in 1856. The Southern Pacific Railroad comes to Tucson bringing new building materials and improving the area’s economy. Juan Batista de Anza leads 240 settlers plus 60 facilitators (think blacksmiths, mule packers, priests, etc.) The first public hospital, St. Mary’s, is receiving patients. The Mexican-American War ends officially with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Tucson is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the United States. Click here to Read More. Most became farmers living in hovels in the shadow of Sentinel Peak ("A" Mountain), but some started laundry and restaurant businesses. Tucson officially became part of the United States in 1854 after the Gadsden Purchase. Upon being forced to look at the battered bodies of the victims, one confesses and implicates the other two. Dr. A private water company pipes water to some homes & businesses. The building incorporates the SW corner of the old Presidio adobe wall. Brown and his Congress Hall saloon where the Territorial legislature meets informally while Tucson is the capital of the territory (1867-1877). Gasoline is sold at Martin’s Drug Store at Congress and Church Streets for 12¢ a quart. Terms of Service apply. This is also the location of the first Cathedral de San Agustin. These gardens will eventually surpass Levin’s Park as the favorite place where Tucsonans can enjoy a stroll, picnic, and amusements along a small, tree-lined lake. Our History Program documents and preserves the rich history of the Chinese people of Tucson. Brown opens his Congress Hall saloon at the intersection of Calle de la Alegria (Happiness Street) and Meyer Avenue. As a result of the rebellion, a new presidio will be established at Tubac in January, 1753. Today, Mission Garden is located on the same land as the original. Straight red lines running north-south show were Main & Meyer Avenues were eliminated to make way for Tucson Convention Center, Music Hall & Leo Rich Theater. Tucson actually began in 1776 as a small Spanish presidio, or walled fortress, a 750 feet square area, housing approximately 2 – 3 officers and 75 soldiers and their families. It is located at the confluence of Tanque Verde and Pantano creeks at the point they form the Rillito River (now 2900 N. Craycroft).

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